The Seeds
Метро Колодезная
WItches Things
Perception of Perception
Blooming Ambitions
The Morning News
Hyperprotection Escape
Wrong Teleport
Almighty Burgeress
Conditional Love
Intolerance Waltz
Dog Days
Black Unicorn
Coke in flesh_revised, oil on canvas, 70
Son of a Man
Anted Away
The Blooming
Moon in the pond
Sunny at midnight
Inevitable triangle
The Harvest
Oncoming Rain
Girl with the musk-deer
Gone Mushrooming
Important words expectation
Infelicitious Present
The Wounded Beauty
Cows Meow Too
The New Life Within
Wonder Witch
Bob the Sponge


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russian contemporary artist

Coke in flesh_revised, oil on canvas, 70

Oil on canvas, 2016, 70х50 cm